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How can I help?

Wallace Gilbraith routinely offers the healthcare equivalent of a free no-obligation quote - a free short appointment to discuss how Traditional Acupuncture may help you.

Please phone 01738 551 682 or 07712 790 317 for details.

When you seek help with a health problem, it may be that you have been struggling with a degree of pain, immobility or some other dysfunction for some time - often months, if not years. Various kinds of treatment may have been tried, but the causes of the problems may not have been fully addressed or understood. And you may not be entirely sure what kind of help you need.

If this is you, then rather than rushing straight into treatment, wouldn't it be good to have the chance to start with some time when you can explain your needs, hopes and expectations? Listening to you is a vital part of any therapeutic visit - after all, only You know how you are feeling!

And wouldn't it be good to meet with a professional Acupuncturist who can explain how he works and what you can expect, before you commit your time, money and self to treatment?

"Natures differ, and needs with them; hence the wise men of old did not lay down one measure for all" - Chuang Tse, 4c BC

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Coronavirus - Covid-19

My professional situation

As at 03 Jul 20, BAcC advice to member practitioners in Scotland (that is, to me) is "you may open for all treatments but you must comply with our Covid-19 secure guidelines, and your regional government guidelines", and the catch is in that mention of regional government guidelines.

On 08 Jul 20, the Scottish Government published an update about what they refer to as 'close contact services', at

Paragraph 4 of which says: "In the meantime, our official position is that therapy businesses not subject to statutory professional regulation should remain closed for the time being."

Therefore, like other Scottish acupuncturists, I remain unable to see patients face to face. Some advertise that they 'practise remotely', or offer 'telemedicine'; I don't do that. However, I am here to take enquiries about treatment when we're able to get back to getting out. Contact me here.

On 17 Jul 20, the Scottish Government published an update stating that 'personal / close contact retail services can reopen from 22 July', including 'Private health and care practitioners'.

I will be looking at a date in early August for re-opening for appointments.

Government advice to all

The general advice for everyone is to stay at home, as given at

My advice to you

To this, I would add that staying active and getting fresh air is also important. Whatever your normal exercise routine, home practise, or a brisk session in the fresh air each day (even if only in front of an open window), can also bring rewards. You may find pleasant things to do in the garden, if you have access, as the weather warms up.

Many of you will have your own regular self-care habits and procedures already in place, and my general advice is here at What can I do to help myself? .

Regarding eating well - in addition to what we ingest as food, let's include what we ingest as information. Be careful of bingeing on news, and seek out positivity and self-empowerment where you can.

Social contacts can be maintained remotely - we may find ourselves keeping more in contact by telephone.

We may even enjoy reading, or resting. This time will pass. Find balance.

Preparing for treatment

When I do resume treatment appointments, precautions will be in place for the safety of us both. See Covid-19 security

(Last updated - 08 Jul 20)

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An occasional round-up of news items from the website of the British Acupuncture Council will open in a new window. These are given for general interest, and do not necessarily relate to the way I prefer to work. (Last updated - 01 May 20)

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Acupotential feedback

An opportunity for you to say something about the difference that Traditional Acupuncture has made to your life - please leave your comments on the Acupotential wallwisher
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