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Contact information

How do I book?

Please phone 01738 551 682 or 07712 790 317 to make an appointment.
The phone won't be answered during work with patients, so if you get an answering service, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.
You may like to note my phone numbers, or set your phone to recognise them, to avoid unnecessary missed calls.

You can email info _at_, where the '_at_' is replaced by the @ symbol. (The email address is not given in its normal format here, to thwart auto-collection of addresses by spammers).

On-line booking is not available, it's best to make contact personally.

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Where do I go?

Treatment RoomWallace works from home. He finds his patients prefer the blend of professionalism and informality that this offers. The address is:

20 David Douglas Avenue, Scone, Perth, PH2 6QQ (Google map)
Please park on the drive.

This is a short walk from the park and ride car park at the north end of Scone, served by buses from central Perth. The park and ride is served by the No 7; the No 57 will stop on Angus Road just before Highfield Road, but doesn't go into the park and ride. For either, board in South Street opposite Holdgates chippy. Click here for timetables. Click here for Google map showing bus stops.

Home visits may be possible by special arrangement.

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When can I come?

Wallace is available for free no-obligation quotes, Traditional Diagnosis, and treatment visits, by appointment only, as follows:

Monday 09.00-17.00
Tuesday 09.00-17.00
Wednesday 09.00-17.00
Thursday not available
Friday 09.00-16.00

Evening and weekend appointments are often possible by arrangement, so if you cannot manage within these hours, please phone and we'll see what can be done.

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Helps control menopausal symptoms

Read that acupuncture could sometimes help menopausal symptoms and was suffering quite severe sweats so went to Wallace more in hope than expectation. Canít take HRT so this was a case of last resort. Two sessions (3 hours in total) and the sweats had pretty well gone. I get hot sometimes when Iím in a rush or stressed but itís manageable. Iíve waited a few weeks to see if they returned but not so far, even with dancing and hill-walking. Donít know how it works, but it seems to have worked for me, and surprisingly quickly.

Margot G, 02 Nov 2019

From a grateful oldie

For the last two years the only health care I have sought has been from Wallace. Whether aching muscles and joints, digestive problems or low spirits his treatment works for me. I leave feeling better and improve further as days go by. In other words I feel I have had positive holistic care instead of a prescription for some medication that will cause further problems. At the age of 84 I take no medication and that is mainly due to Wallace's care and practice of this ancient and amazing art.

Rae M, 03 Mar 2019

A wonderful effective treatment for both body & spirit.

I have been a patient of Wallace for over 10 yrs. He is a most pleasant professional person with a quiet manner which immediately puts you at ease. He practices from home in a warm, therapeutic atmosphere with a very comfortable treatment table. Everything is spotlessly clean. I initially consulted him after a protracted period of extreme nausea & stomach problems. I responded very well to acupuncture & fairly quickly regained my health & strength. Most importantly I then attended regularly to maintain it. Wallace's style of diagnosis combines careful listening skills with sharp intuitive observation. Combined with accurate reading of the various pulses he then assembles the treatment plan. The acupuncture works on key points to achieve the desired results with intense feelings of peacefulness & relaxation. I was miserable & depleted when I consulted Wallace. He transformed my health & restored my spirit. I cannot recommend more highly his professional expertise, so kindly delivered.

Sandra R, 15 Feb 2019

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